Conformal coating troubleshooting

We provide conformal coating troubleshooting for when your production process has problems.

Conformal coating failures, issues in reliability and problems on the production line occur regularly in electronics manufacturing. There are many reasons for this. The reality is that the application of conformal coating is a complex process which can easily be upset by the smallest of issues.

When problems do occur, you need fast, practical and commercially sensible solutions to the issues. We have a wide range of knowledge and skills in the areas of coating application, process and materials so we can help troubleshoot your conformal coating process.

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What problems can occur in the conformal coating process?

Typical issues that can be found in the conformal coating production process include:

  • Process control issues
  • Coating machine failures
  • Contamination & cleanliness problems
  • Defects created on the circuit board
  • Area coverage failures
  • Masking problems
  • Damaged circuits
  • Reliability issues
  • Customer interpretation issues

These are all areas that we can help to solve the issues for you. If you have conformal coating process problems and need help in solving why they occur then talk to us.