Our Innovative and problem solving products which are manufactured in India, offers high quality and low cost.

Customer satisfaction

Our customers are fully satisfied with our Pre-sales, sales and post-sales services and responses, which also saved them time and money without compromise in quality.


Customers Indiawide

We have acheived huge market share with word of mouth and referral marketing, which explains the level of satisfaction our clients have with us.


Our services include Coating Sub-contract, Parylene, Cleaning etc.

SCH and our partner companies use a range of application methods, conformal coating materials and process controls. Therefore, we can provide the right conformal coating services for you.

We deliver high quality conformal coating training courses both on and off site to clients. We can tailor the course for you which suits your facility and production line whilst improving your conformal coating process.

The fields of application of parylene coatings are extremely versatile. Parlyene coating can be used for electronic components as well as the protection of plastics, rubber and other's

We provide conformal coating troubleshooting for when your production process has problems. The reality is that the application of conformal coating is a complex process which can easily be upset by the smallest of issues


Our philosophy

Customer oriented approach

  • SCH

    Our customer based, technical approach to all conformal coating and cleaning projects ensures you get the right solution because you can choose the process that fits your product. We can offer both outsourced coating subcontract services and in house coating solutions. This ensures you as the customer achieve the best return on their investment, whether that is outsourcing or in-house production.

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