Desktop Visual Dispenser

  • The desktop visual dispenser incorporates specialized operating software and advanced vision system technology. It utilizes a unique glue dispensing vision software to ensure accurate dispensing processes. The vision system technology includes high-resolution cameras, sensors, and image processing algorithms. The glue dispensing vision software analyzes visual data in real-time for precise dispensing. It detects target areas, calculates positioning and alignment, and determines optimal glue amounts. The specialized software seamlessly integrates with the dispenser’s control and operation. Users can set parameters, monitor the process, and make adjustments through an intuitive interface. Overall, it represents a significant advancement in dispensing technology. It offers enhanced precision, accuracy, and efficiency for various applications. The desktop visual dispenser streamlines controlled and precise material dispensing.
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  • Mobile phone speaker receiver
  • PCB soft board dispensing
  • Semiconductor/New Energy Battery Packaging
  •  VCM Motors and Vibration Motors
    • Camera module
    • Under filling
    • Surface mounting
    • Pin encapsulation
    • Filling and Daming
    • Solar Cell/Photovoltaic Packaging

    Standard features

    1. With the jet valve, it can realize non-contact jet dispensing, achieve a smaller dispensing diameter, and a wider application field

    2. Template matching, edge recognition and other visual recognition methods, which can adapt to products of different shapes, colors and materials

    3. Optional all stainless steel mirror case to meet the requirements of 100-level dust-free production

    4. Professional motion control and high-quality module structure lay a solid foundation for high-speed and high-precision operation

    5. Automatic calibration and visual programming, suspended graphic track preview

    6. Valve control enables direct pulse control for on-the-fly dispensing, point count and glue volume control

    7. With the rotation module, it can realize tilting or rotating dispensing

    8. Optional linear motor drive, positioning accuracy up to ±10um

    9. Excel-style program line editing interface, simple and user friendly

    10. Optional workpiece heating system to enhance the fluidity of the paint during under filling




    Model No.





    L=600mm W=600mm H=650mm 

     L=650mm  W=650mm H=650mm

    L=650mm W=850mm H=650mm

    Net weight




    Distance Range

    X:250mm Y:250 Z: 50mm

    X:300mm Y: 300 Z: 50mm

    X:250mm Y: 300 Z:50mm


    IPC+ Motion control card


    Sanco software+Windows

    Number of spindles

    X Y Z

    Spindle drive

    Linear Electric Motor X Y servo motor Z

    Valve quantity

    Piezo valve Standard

    Maximum Speed X/Y/Z

    800mm/s X/Y ;300mm/s Z

    Visual positioning system

    1.3 megapixel industrial camera


    0.01*0.01 (adjustable)

    Recognition range (mm)

    14*14 (Depending on the selected lens)

    Light source

    LED light source (ring light, coaxial light optional)

    Repeatability accuracy


    Paint volume


    Power supply

    220V 50/60 HZ

    Air pressure


    Total power