3- Axis Coating

The CM-460 is a high-performance 3-axis conformal coating machine specifically designed for various coating applications. With its advanced capabilities, this machine delivers exceptional coating performance across multiple industries. It offers seamless integration with other inline equipment like hot air ovens, UV inspection systems, flippers, buffers, and loaders, allowing for a streamlined and efficient coating process.

One of the standout features of the CM-460 is its ability to customize and add multiple nozzle options to meet specific process requirements. Whether you need a spray valve, film coater valve, precision striker valve, or peizo electric valve, this machine can accommodate different nozzle configurations for precise and efficient coating application.

The CM-460 features a reliable 3-axis motion control system that ensures accurate positioning and movement of the dispensing head. This precise control enables consistent coating application on electronic assemblies, resulting in high-quality and reliable performance.

With its user-friendly interface, operators can easily set parameters and monitor the coating process in real-time. This allows for immediate adjustments and ensures consistent and precise coating results.

Overall, the CM-460 3-axis conformal coating machine offers advanced capabilities and customization options, making it an ideal choice for achieving precise and reliable conformal coating on electronic assemblies in various manufacturing environments.


  • Home appliance control panel
  • Car electronic control board
  • Instrumentation circuit board
  • Industrial Equipment Control Board


  • Consumer Electronics Control Board
  • Solar panel 
  • Motor control board
  • Battery protection board

Standard features

1.Adopt computer + motion controller, WINDOWS operating system, fault sound and light alarm and menu display

 2.The programming adopts manual teaching and can operate easily 

3.Integral steel motion platform for smooth operation

 4.X, Y, Z, axis motion is driven by servo motor + ball screw , and running accuracy is 0.02mm

 5.With sliding rail + ball screw width adjustment mechanism to ensure that the conveying rails are parallel to each other, and auto point control which is easily adjust.

 6.The transmission chain is driven by double stepper motors and has a chain guard structure.

 7.Special aluminum alloy track and stainless steel conveyor chain

 8.The coating valve can be selected according to the requirements, and one machine can be equipped with 1 to 4 valves, which can be switched arbitrarily according to the production needs; the single air pipe intake enhances the performance and appearance; the speed, height and Valve delay time can be set individually for each glue track; 

9.The valve with automatic cleaning function; 

10.It has the function of automatic reset and calibration during operation to ensure the operation accuracy; 

11.Equipped with paint container, using constant current and constant pressure output to ensure uniform flow; 

12.Optional metering pump feeding method ensures paint delivery, and the flow rate is 100% accurate 


Dimensions: W1000mm * L1200mm *H1700mm


Model: CM  460

Transfer speed:  0-13 m/min

Software: sanco software + windows system

Spindle drive : Servo motor + ball screw

coating stock : X 46.0 MM,Y 46.0MM



     ITEMS                                  QUANTATY 

Coating valve                                    1 
Dispensing valve                               1
Photoelectric sensor                         3
Servo motor                                      3
Stepper motor                                   3
Industrial computer                           1
LCD Monitor                                      1
Motion control card                           1
Screw module                                    5 
Guide                                                  6
The electromagnetic valve                 8
Precision pressure regulator              2