LM-100 Coating Mixing Table

Introducing our Compact Tabletop Exhaust Workstation, designed for efficient coating mixing and preparation. Constructed with durable M.S Powder Coated material, it ensures reliable performance. With its compact size, low noise operation, and efficient air circulation facilitated by a Motor Blower Assembly and HEPA filter, this workstation provides a convenient and clean workspace. Equipped with LED lights for optimal illumination, it offers clear visibility during coating mixing and preparation processes.

Experience the reliability and efficiency of our Tabletop Exhaust Workstation, designed to streamline your coating mixing and preparation operations, ensuring superior results every time.

Experience Enhanced Safety and Unmatched Efficiency
with our State-of-the-Art Coating Mixing Workstation



work size4x2x2 feets 
usage/applicationLaboratory/Production spaces 

font glass

Clear Acrylic Sheet with 4 mm Thickness 
 noise level<65 Db 
 motor blower assemble1390RPM 
motor particle retention0.3 microns 
blower capacity1050CFM 
filter capacity800CFM 
blower assemblySingle Phase