UV magnifier

The inspection lamp has a magnification of 5 Diopters and UV fluorescent
bulb that provides the perfect inspection environment for operators and
inspectors for the conformal coating process.
0-hour specification; Intensity 25 mW/cm2 at a distance of 15 cm and an
intensity of 10 mW/cm2 at a distance of 30 cm. Usage of the lamp is not
allowed after a decreasing of the intensity with 20%


  • Reduced magnification 1.75X (3 diopters)

Facilities :

14W Led.

Want to help your conformal coating inspection process?
Use a UV magnifier


  • 1.Ultraviolet light between 320 – 405 nm
    2.Magnification 2.9X (5 diopters)
    3.Optic is circular glass lens
    4.Dimmable None
    5.UV fluorescent LED bulb
    6.Table clamp included
    7.ESD safe