The effective and modern coating of the future

Our highly effective polymer coatings, which are characterised above all by being extremely thin, non-porous and compliant, are used in many different industries.

Since the parylene coating can be used in an extremely versatile way, it is therefore a matter of course for us to develop a customer-oriented solution even for detailed and very individual requests.

Application examples for parylene coatings

Here you can see a sample list of our applications. If you have not found your desired application, our competence team from Rosenheim will be happy to advise you personally.

  • Conformal coating of electronic components for harsh environmental conditions (complies with “MIL-I-46058C, Type XY”)
  • Dielectric coating such as cores, coils, magnets
  • Hydrophobic coating such as biomedical tubing, catheters, etc. → reduces friction (for example with guide wires for catheters)
  • Barrier layers, for example filters, membranes, valves
  • Microwave components, electrical engineering
  • Sensors in harsh environments
  • Corrosion protection for metallic surfaces
  • Reinforcement of microstructures
  • Abrasion protection
  • Protection of plastic, rubber and other materials from environmental influences
  • Transparent protection for LEDs, for example, in lighting systems for vehicles, illuminated signs, etc.
  • Reduction of friction coefficients to improve the lubricity of your substrates (use for assembly assistance)
  • Barrier layers, for example filters, membranes, valves or as a moisture barrier on electronic components
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Strategic defence technologies

Aerospace industry

Electronics and semiconductor manufacturing

Automotive industry

Medical equipment

Versatile use in almost all industries

More and more companies are recognising the great advantages of our ground-breaking parylene coating.

New and state-of-the-art coating methods often open up new possibilities. This in turn results in a general increase in quality.