Masking boots

Conformal coating masking boots

Conformal coating masking boots can replace other materials like tape, dots and latex in the production process for liquid conformal coatings.

The traditional masking materials can be a highly effective process in protecting components from ingress of conformal coating. However, the resulting process can be highly labour intensive, difficult to do and extremely time consuming.

Alternatively, using custom made, reusable masking boots can be a far more effective, lower cost solution for the conformal coating process. Not only do masking boots better protect printed circuit boards (PCBs) from application errors but they also offer huge time savings for both the masking and de-masking stages of the coating process. Ultimately, this saves you money.

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Three reasons conformal coating masking boots save you money

Here are three simple reasons why you can save up to 80% of your costs when using reusable masking boots compared to other conformal coating masking methods:

  1. Masking time is reduced because using boots can be 4-5 times quicker than masking tape.
  2. De-masking time is reduced since it is much quicker to remove boots
  3. Masking boots don’t leak. Therefore, there is less repair due to masking mistakes.

This means you can save a lot of money very quickly when switching to masking boots.

Conformal coating masking boots versus masking tape

Conformal coating masking can be extremely labor intensive. But, just by how much can it affect the production process?

An experiment was run masking a typical circuit board with many masking points. Specifically, we compared masking with tape versus masking with custom boots. The results are startling.

Watch the video and see just how much time can be saved by using our custom masking boots.

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Case study: Diamond MT, Pennsylvania, USA

Diamond MT, a conformal coating service provider found they saved 60% of their current costs by switching to the SCH range of conformal coating masking boots.

Sean Horn, Diamond MT, explains how they did it…..

  • “We had initially wanted to try SCH’s conformal coating masking boots for price savings. However, once we began to work with Lee on our specific masking application, we realised that we could extend the life of our boots over 200%. We switched immediately!
  • As a company we now then realise the importance of working with someone who understands coatings. We will not being going back to our previous supplier.”

Sean Horn, Director, Diamond MT,  conformal coating subcontract service provider.

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Just provide us with four pieces of information:

  • Provide a picture of the board you wish to test because we can check for any problems in design.
  • Identify the components you need to mask so we can help review your process needs.
  • CProvide the component identification codes (manufacture details etc) because this gives us the dimensions of the component.
  • Give us the number of boots you would like to quote for. Remember, the boots will typically last >200 uses in production.

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