Is your batch PCBA cleaning solution safe and effective ?
3-stage agiation tanks are the solution for you.                                                    AGS09 PCBA agitation cleaning systems are designed for effective flux residue cleaning while prioritizing component safety. The customizable design enables maximum production in less time. The 3-stage process ensures level-1 cleaning quality. These systems are tailored for electronics manufacturing. They employ gentle agitation to prevent component damage. Customization options cater to specific production line requirements. The systems remove flux residues effectively. They meet or exceed stringent cleanliness standards. AGS09 systems optimize cleaning efficiency. They are ideal for industries like aerospace, medical devices, and automotive electronics.


  •  In-line liquid filtration extends the liquid life. Available as in built or as 
  • portable version Electronic timer for cut off timing and industrial signaling.
  •  Customized basket and fixture for holding PCBA’s.


  • Max 8 Bar clean and dry compressed air pressure.
  •  16A Three phase electricity supply

Standard features

  • Agitation power is generated by compressed air, so the vibrations frequency
    is almost negligible and safe to PCBA ceramic type components.
  • Powerful and safe heaters, with energy smart cut off, heats the liquid in very
    less time and regulates accurately by displaying the reading all the time.
  •  ESD safe system, ideal for electronics cleaning.

  • Built in draining vent, helps hassle free change over and maintenance times.