SCH Coating Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is a private limited company established in 2014 to cater to the Indian market’s conformal coating needs. We operate in major cities across India, including Delhi NCR, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad. Our primary focus is on providing high-quality solutions to Indian customers for conformal coating applications.

SCH Technologies has been active in the Indian market for the past 17 years through distribution channels, agents, and importing products from various countries. However, distribution can come with its challenges, such as import complexities, costs, currency requirements, and the increasing demand for dedicated technical support from Indian engineers. As a result, in 2014, it was decided that establishing a private limited company would be the ideal solution to address these issues and meet the growing demand for our conformal coating products.

Since our formation, SCH India has invested in direct technical and sales staff in major Indian cities who possess extensive experience in conformal coating and have a deep understanding of sales and solutions. We provide comprehensive support to our customers, ensuring that they receive the necessary technical assistance and expertise.

SCH Coating Solutions Pvt. Ltd. India and SCH Technologies Limited in the UK are the Technology partners. SCH Technologies originated in August 2000 as a subcontract conformal coating service in the UK. Due to the lack of suitable batch coating equipment available in the market, SCH Technologies quickly expanded its offerings by developing its own range of equipment. Over time, this equipment evolved to a point where it could be offered for sale to customers seeking in-house processing capabilities. Our commitment to providing complete conformal coating solutions led us to introduce additional sections, including conformal coating materials, nano coatings and masking, Parylene coating services and systems, as well as training and consultancy.

At SCH, we take pride in being the only company in India capable of providing end-to-end support for Conformal coating, Parylene coating, masking, consulting, equipment, and training. In 2020, we formed a partnership with Plasma Parylene Systems GmbH, and in 2021, we signed exclusive partnership agreements to become the official representative for their products and services in India.

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