SC 400

Surclean Screenclean 400 is a synergynistic blend of high performance Glycol Ethers and Hydrocarbons specifically designed for fast, effective removal of uncured Solder Paste and Adhesive residues from Screens, Stencils and associated tooling. It will also remove residues from misprinted PCB’s. SC400 is Surfactant free and does not degrade in use. SC400 is supplied ready to use and is suitable for a wide range of processes from hand spot cleaning, use in the solvent tanks on automatic Stencil Printers for between print under Stencil cleaning through to immersion and spray type automatic Stencil Cleaning Machines.

Main Characteristics of SC400

1) Powerful action with the cleaning power of Solvent Cleaners combined with many of the safety and environmental advantages of Aqueous based materials such as low toxicity, high flash-point and bio-degradeability.

2) Wide range of process applications from manual localised cleaning and batch type methods, through to fully automated screen cleaning systems. Useable at ambient temperatures. Does not require heating. Can be warm air dried or water rinsed with rinse residue warm air dry after.

3) Cleans a wide range of residues and will not foam or leave white residues after rinsing.

4) Environmentally safe. SC400 is is free of Surfactants, Inorganic salts and Halogenated Compounds. SC400 is classified as an Ultra low VOC content material and it has an ODP potential of 0. Surclean SC400 is non toxic and 100% Bio-degradeable.

5) Economical in use. SC400 will still work even when heavily contaminated and can be re-circulated through filtration to extend its life. No chemical additions are needed to maintain its condition.

6) Safe and pleasant to use. SC400 is very low odour, has low flammability and is safe for operators.

7) Exceptionally good compatibility with Screen and Stencil attachment adhesives. PH neutral formulation prevents damage to Screen and Stencil Frames.