Range of conformal coating masking

Our conformal coating masking materials are suitable for all conformal coatings because we designed them to be completely compatible with the whole production processes. Masking can be one of the most critical factors in the production line because using the wrong materials can cause problems in the process. Therefore, selecting the right masking materials for the task is very important. We know these specialist materials work better than all other masking available on the market as we designed them for the process and have thoroughly tested them in in our own coating services. Therefore, you can also use the best quality masking materials for your own process without cost penalty. Our range of masking materials allow you to mask your printed circuit board assemblies cost effectively because we designed them to compliment each other.


Our conformal coating masking tapes provide the perfect protection for circuit board. This is because our dedicated tapes ensure areas remain free of the conformal coating at a low cost in terms of materials



The reason why they work for conformal coating processing is simple. We carried out a large amount of research and trials to design a range of dots that was suitable for our own conformal coating services.



Conformal coating masking boots can replace other materials in the production process for liquid conformal coatings. The traditional masking materials can be a highly effective proces



Pre-cut masking shapes for conformal coating help in speeding up the masking process for printed circuit boards. They are extremely easy to apply and very convenient to use.