Why use SCH Coating Solutions (PVT) Ltd in India?

Dr Lee Hitchens, Author of Nexus
Dr Lee Hitchens

My name is Dr Lee Hitchens. I am the Technical Director of SCH in India.

I truly believe we are the best company in India to help you with your conformal coating needs.

I thought that I would start off and explain why I think this is true.

I will also explain why SCH Technologies have set up a PVT in India in the last few years and only employ direct staff to help you with your conformal coating needs.

So why work with SCH Coating Solutions?

If you’re reading this blog then the chances are you are looking for a solution to a problem relating to conformal coating and cleaning.

This is exactly what SCH can help you with in India.

Whether that help is needed to select a particular conformal coating material, find a piece of equipment for your process or you have a production problem that you need support with we are there for you.

How can we help?

SCH Technologies has been working in India for many years.

We have experience of the Indian conformal coating market, the requirements of the production process specific to conformal coating and more importantly an understanding of the practical, technical needs of the Indian engineer.

Our overall experience across all the areas of conformal coating materials, equipment, services, training and consultancy is not offered by anyone else and we are unique in our service to you.

Why did we set up a PVT in India?

We found there were two regular problems whilst we provided conformal coatings in India via imports.

First, we encountered the traditional problems associated with a Western company importing products into India. At times it made a simple business proposition much more complex, very slow and a lot more costly.

Second, we couldn’t get the best technical support we needed for our products through agents and distributors.

So, we decided to open a company in India and directly employ staff dedicated to conformal coating.

This removed all of the barriers and now gives us a unique advantage.

We can pass this advantage on to you in terms of quality of materials & equipment, technically correct support and carefully priced products.

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Dr Lee Hitchens, Author of Nexus
Dr Lee Hitchens

Dr Lee Hitchens is the Technical Director of SCH Technologies.

He is also the author of Nexus conformal coating website and FREE eBook on conformal coating processing and a regular contributor to conformal coating topics.

 Why use SCH Coating Solutions (PVT) Ltd in India?

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