What is a conformal coating?

A conformal coating is a protective, non conductive, dielectric layer that is applied to a circuit board after assembly

Circuit board that has shorted and corrodedIt protects the electronic circuit from damage due to the environment during the lifetime of its service.

The damage can come from many places including dust and particulates, salt spray, moisture, water, fungus and corrosion from electrochemical reactions.

It is normally used on printed circuit boards that are exposed to extreme environments. These environments include extremes of temperature, chemical attack, water presence, salt exposure and / or moisture are present.

Conformal coatings can also prevent damage from rough handling, installation, reduction of mechanical and thermal stress.

So, the conformal coating can extend the service life of the product during its operation and at the same time it can help to increase the dielectric strength between conductors enabling the design of the PCB to be more compact and small.

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 What is a conformal coating?