What are Typical Conformal Coating Thicknesses?

Positester 6000 conformal coating thickness measurement system for measuring conformal coating thickness
Conformal Coating Thickness Testing

Nominally, the conformal coating should be 0.001” to 0.008” thick (25 to 200µm). Acrylics and polyurethanes have an optimum dry film thickness at 25-75um. Silicones tend to require thicker coatings of typically 50-100um.

Why not apply the conformal Coating Really Thick?

If the conformal coating is too thick this may cause problems such as solvent entrapment, bubbling, shrinkage and cracking.

And if it is too thin?

If the conformal coating is too thin it may mean inadequate protection to the printed circuit board.

How can I measure conformal coating thickness?

You can use systems which rely on eddy currents. SCH India offers a system that is perfect for measuring conformal coating thickness.

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 What are Typical Conformal Coating Thicknesses?

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