Need training in your conformal coating process in India? 

conformal coating training in all areasSCH india is the only company in India which offers conformal coating training for all areas of conformal coating in partnership with Nexus.

We offer training for all areas of conformal coating.

This includes:

  • New Product Introduction (Material, Equipment and Process)
  • Process Control, Optimisation and Measurement
  • Troubleshooting your process
  • Cleanliness and Reliability
  • IPC Inspection Standards and Interpretation
  • Removal and Stripping
  • Masking & De-masking
  • Curing and Drying
  • Parylene Optimisation

What types of conformal coating training do we offer?

We offer a range of standard courses, seminars and tailored training packages which include:

Fundamental knowledge

  • Basic Concepts of Liquid Conformal Coating
  • Selection of Conformal Coating materials
  • Application Techniques Analysed
  • Basic Concepts of Parylene

Process control

  • Process Optimisation and Measurement
  • Fluid Behaviour of Conformal coatings
  • Troubleshooting your Conformal Coating process
  • Cleanliness and Reliability

General processing

  • Practical Application
  • Masking Rules for Conformal Coating
  • Health and Safety Considerations in Conformal Coating
  • Conformal Coating Removal

Inspection & standards

  • IPC Inspection Standards and Interpretation
  • Development of Pass / Fail criteria

New product introduction (NPI)

  • Material Selection
  • Application Selection
  • Process Implementation

Design rules

  • Design Rules for Conformal Coating


  • Solving problems when the occur
  • Learning to avoid problems

Five reasons why you should train your staff in conformal coating

  1. You can design the product initially to match the best conformal coating and the right equipment to save you the most money in production
  2. You can design the product to be more reliable by using the right conformal coating, equipment and process
  3. Process control becomes simple as the conformal coating production is understood.
  4. Problems can be eliminated quickly when they occur due to the teams conformal coating understanding
  5. Money can be saved in all stages of the Product Life Cycle. Design, NPI, Production and After Service.

Want to avoid problems in conformal coating?

conformal coating failures can be avoided with trainingTalk to SCH India now and discuss your conformal coating training requirements now.

We can help prevent many problems which are easily avoided with the right training.

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