These protective, thick film potting materials differ from conformal coatings as they are normally applied greater than 250um in thickness. In fact, they generally are used to encapsulate the device completely.

 These potting compounds provide protection in many ways to sensitive electronic components including :

  • Physical damage protection from impact, shock and vibration
  • Preventing environmental attack from external conditions including heat, water, moisture and chemicals
  • Providing technology protection as they are extremely difficult to remove and makes reverse engineering much more difficult.

In fact, the range of applications for potting compounds is becoming unlimited.

SCH Technologies has a range of materials from suppliers including epoxies and silicones that can be used to provide protection to the electronics when required.

MG ChemicalsMG Chemicals

MG provide a wide range of specialist potting compounds that meet the highest technical standards.

These materials include flame retardant materials qualified to UL, thermally conductive epoxies designed to release heat from a circuit board and high temperature compounds that ensures products can be protected where temperature is critical.

MG has its own polymer testing facility and is always researching new advancements. Every year MG provides its customers with new technology, always striving to provide the best encapsulating and potting compounds in the market.

Sepna Green Chemistry


Sepna specialises in no-odor potting compounds and encapsulates.

Their technology is designed in house with their own professional R&D Team to create a more commercially competitive brand value for their customers.

They provide a huge range of materials including epoxy and silicone technologies that are used in a large variety of electronic products globally.


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