Screenclean SC200 cleaning fluid

Surclean cleaning media for electronics and stencilsScreenclean 200 is a powerful aqueous based stencil cleaning material.

This cleaning media from Surclean is capable of removing both uncured solder paste and adhesive residues from screens, stencils and tooling.

Main facts

  • Powerful aqueous based cleaner for fast removal of uncured solder paste and adhesive residues from screens, stencils and tooling.
  • Residues rinsed away with water.
  • Capable of cleaning uncured adhesives.
  • Low volumes required to mobilise contaminants.
  • Can also clean reflow oven filters.
  • Bio-degradable and very low toxicity.
  • Very low odour – operator friendly.
  • Available in trigger spray.

Standard pack availability

  • 500ml trigger spray
  • 1 litre trigger spray

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