SCH India range of conformal coating masking tapes

SCH provide a complete solution to the isuue of conformal coating masking including masking tapes, dots and custom masking boots.

The masking tapes and dots have gone through extensive trials. They have achieved the best performance we can find in the market of conformal coatings.

They are used in our own global coating services and are a tried and tested solution.

The SCH masking tape that has been tested for conformal coating and works the best
The SCH range of masking tapes have been tested for conformal coating compatibility, residues, ease of use and leakage. They have been found to work the best out of the all the materials tested.

Masking Tapes Available

SCH offer two types of masking tape which compliment each other in the process:

Silicone-Free Tape

Crepe tape is used for masking grounding planes and flat sections such as edges of PCBs. Precise Mask tape is available in sizes 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 25mm, 28mm and 50mm.

Crepe Tape

Silicone-free tape is used for masking components like connectors on the printed circuit board. ConnectSafe is available in sizes 3mm, 6mm & 12mm.

Why Use Our Conformal Coating Masking Tapes?

SCH have trialled and tested a lot of different masking tapes over a long period of time.

Some adhesive tapes have problems being used for conformal coating processing.

These issues included:

  • Reacting in an adverse way with the conformal coatings themselves to produce de wetting effects
  • Leaving adhesive residues when removed which need to be removed
  • Allowing bleeding / leaking under the tape of the conformal coating during the application process
  • Not staying sealed for long enough during processing
  • Tearing when removed from the circuit board leaving residues of the tape behind
  • Compatible with all types of conformal coatings including solvent based acrylic, silicone and polyurethane materials

Therefore, it was crucial for SCH to minimise these effects as much as possible in our coating services. We wanted to provide the prefect protection to ensure areas remain free of the coating at a cost in terms of materials and labour that was sensible.

Contact us now to discuss how we can help you with your masking requirements and benefit from our extensive knowledge on how the coating service professionals mask their boards.

Conformal Coating Masking Downloads

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