SCH India range of conformal coating masking dots

SCH provide a complete solution to the issue of conformal coating masking including masking tapes, dots and custom masking boots.

The masking tapes and dots have gone through extensive trials. They have achieved the best performance we can find in the market of conformal coatings.

The Conformal Coating Masking dots sizes available in the range of 3mm, 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 9mm and 10mm are supplied on rolls for easy use.

They are used in our own global coating services and are a tried and tested solution.

SCH masking dots are compatible with the conformal coating process
SCH masking dots are compatible with the conformal coating process


Conformal coating masking dots key facts

  • Our Conformal Coating Masking Dots are used in our own coating services.
  • We have tried and tested everything on the market we can find and this is the best solution for us.
  • As a customer you benefit from our experience in selecting these materials and can mask as professionally as we do.
  • The Masking Dots are supplied on Rolls in a range of 3.2mm-13.4mm.


Why use our conformal coating masking dots?

Some adhesive dots have problems being used for conformal coating processing.

The issues include

  • They leave residues when removed which need to be removed
  • Allow bleeding under the dot of the conformal coating during application
  • Tear when removed
  • React in an adverse way with the conformal coatings themselves.

Therefore, it is crucial to minimise these effects as much as possible and provide prefect protection to ensure areas remain free of the coating.


Conformal Coating Masking Downloads

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