What is the purpose of conformal coating masking boots?

Conformal coating masking boots are used to protect various types of electronic components using a variety of application techniques.

These include vapour deposition of coatings like parylene, selective and batch robotic spraying (instead of technical programming) and horizontal or vertical dipping.

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Are the masking boots reusable despite undergoing the conformal coating process?

Yes, they can even be reused over 200 times when the process is done correctly.

There are many reasons why masking boots eventually wear out. But generally, they last for a long of period of time. The longevity of the boots is mainly dependent on how it’s used.

SCH have coated masking boots that have been utilised for over a 300 times that still remain fully functional.

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Can you provide an Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) type of masking boot?

Yes, we can!

We know the importance of ESD protection in any electronic mechanism. If your circuit board gets broken due to electrostatic discharge, it defeats the purpose of undergoing conformal coating.

However, ESD masking boots are more expensive than the standard ones. This is due to the quality of resin used for the boots. It’s important that you look into the cost and ROI to assess if it’s worth the investment. We can make customized ESD safe masking boots for you.

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What kinds of masking Boots do SCH offer?

Depending on what our client needs, we provide custom and standard masking boots. We also have a variety of custom boots available in stock and designs that are ready to be produced. We can easily match your needs to our current design templates.

If you require something more complex or specific, we can create a custom design for you to ensure that your components get robust protection during the conformal coating process.

It is vital to determine which masking boots will give the best return on investment (ROI) for our clients in defining the application technique suitable for it.

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Is there a masking boots catalogue we can refer to?

Unfortunately, there’s none.

This is because masking boots are changing constantly and keeping track of each minor change will result in a very thick catalog. It will also be too lengthy to read.

However, we can look at the component you have and check in our database if we have manufactured that already.

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How are conformal coating masking boots applied? 

Conformal coating masking boots are applied like a cover on electronic components like plugs, connectors, sockets or anything that require conformal coating protection.

They can look like simple boots that is fitted on top of a component. They can also come in a more complex design as seen in the photo below.

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What kind of conformal coating materials are best suited for masking boots?

Masking boots are highly adaptable. They are compatible with a wide range of conformal coating materials such as parylene, acrylics, silicones, polyurethanes, and epoxies.

Commonly made of silicone rubber, the boots can also be manufactured using alternate materials depending on the type of conformal coating application.

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How are conformal coating masking boots cleaned?

The easiest way to clean it is by flexing the boot to let the conformal coating crack and then peel the coating away. Since the boot is made of soft silicone, it can be easily bent and flexed.

It is not advisable to use solvents to clean the masking boots as this may damage them.

Can you customise and label the masking boots?

Yes, we can!

SCH place any text on the masking boots provided that there’s ample space for writing.

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How do I find out if SCH already has the custom boot I want or if I need to have one made?

You need to provide us with either a photo or sample of your PCB along with the exact dimensions of the connectors and their manufacturer.

We will check the availability with our stock and quote the price.

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