How to successfully set up a conformal coating production line for protecting electronic circuit boards


The set up of a successful, working conformal coating production line is not automatically a simple process. In fact it can be very complex.

However, whether you are spraying, dipping or brushing the conformal coating there are common elements that the production line will share.

Any coating facility will need the basic requirements put in place that would be standard for any piece of electronic manufacturing process. These include ESD systems, facilities for the machines, the environmental requirements and the normal Health & Safety (HSE) considerations.

So, care should be taken on considering each point and how it can impact on the final coating production quality and cost.

The other key factor is the line structure itself. After all, getting this wrong can be catastrophic.

The Conformal coating production line

Any coating production line, whether it is an operator manually brush coating printed circuit boards (PCBs) or an inline robotic spray coating process is typically made up of several stages.

However, not all the stages may be required.

The majority of key stages are shown below:


To be successful you need to consider each stage individually.

You need consider the following:

  • Decide if you need the stage?
  • If you do need it how you will implement it?
  • What resources do you need for that stage (space, equipment, staff, training)?
  • How you will monitor each stage to ensure it is working correctly?

Once you have considered each point you can construct a virtual production line and begin assembling the information you need to successfully implement the conformal coating process.

Using this method can ensure that setting up a conformal coating production facility can be a straightforward process as long as all factors are considered.

Get this right and many of the problems that could occur during production will be avoided.

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 How to successfully set up a conformal coating production line for protecting electronic circuit boards

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