How do I spray coat my conformal coating?


Batch spraying using an aerosol or hand spray gun is an easy process for conformal coating if the correct application technique is used.

The general guidelines for spraying the conformal coating is as follows:

  • Dilute the conformal coating with thinners if required. Mix thoroughly and apply a test pattern to ensure gun is flowing properly. If “spider webs” occur, dilute further.
  • Position the circuit board flat in the conformal coating spray booth
  • Hold the gun at 45° angle and at the recommended distance for application (typically 20 to 25 cm away from the board)
  • Spray a thin and uniform coat onto the board with an even motion using “spray and release” strokes
  • Turn the board 90°and repeat until the board has completed one rotation
  • If a second coat is required, wait 2-3 minutes and repeat steps 4-5 until coating completed.
  • Dry and cure to the manufacturers recommended standards.

Note. Always check the manufacturers recommended process instructions to ensure you apply the conformal coating correctly.

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 How do I spray coat my conformal coating?

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