Measure conformal coating solvents in India

Aeroqual solvent monitor for measuring conformal coating solvents in IndiaMonitoring the solvent exposure to operators during the conformal coating process can be a very important process.

The Aeroqual Solvent monitor measures a wide variety of volatile organic compounds including solvents and gases from conformal coatings.

The system is designed for use in ambient air and has a range of specific gas sensors and sensor modules.

Aeroqual technology for solvent monitoring

Aeroqual uses an exclusive Gas Sensitive Semi-conductor (GSS) sensor technology that provides a quick response, long life, wide operating temperatures and excellent sensitivity.

This is perfect for measuring conformal coating solvents emitted when a circuit board dries.

The Aeroqual Handheld VOC solvent monitors


The Series 200 can be hand held or fixed in position. It is a simple, easy-to-use, low-cost monitor that only displays the gas concentration. The monitor is compatible with the full range of Aeroqual gas sensors and is thus capable of measuring ozone, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), ammonia and carbon monoxide.


The Series 300 can be hand held or fixed in position and provides a high level of functionality & monitoring capability.


The Series 500 includes the same features and functionality of the Series 300 but with the added feature of onboard and PC data logging.



Series 200 Specification Guide

Series 300 Specification Guide

Series 500 Specification Guide

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