Conformal coating stripping & removal systems in India

WS100 Conformal coating stripping systemThe WS100 Conformal coating Stripping Systems have been designed for complete removal & stripping of conformal coatings, paints and lacquers from products such as printed circuit boards (PCBs).

Th principle of operation is that the operator uses a workstation of four tanks filled with stripping fluids which are contained behind a safety screen.

The circuit boards to be stripped are manually placed by the operator in the each of the successively cleaner tanks where the operator manually scrubs the boards.

By using progressively cleaner tanks this gradually removes the coating until the last tank “polishes” the PCBs removing all traces of coating.

WS100 Conformal Coating Wet Stripping System for removal of conformal coatings from printed circuit boards


Standard Features

Workstation of four tanks contained behind a safety screen, filled with appropriate stripping materials for the conformal coating material to be removed.

Stainless steel work top with raised lip for capture of solvents, sinks and lids for ease of cleaning

Drainage access points for easy container fill & disposal of stripping fluid

Poly carbonate angled screen for operator safety & reduced extraction

Fluorescent lighting in white and UVA for optimum viewing of conformal coating removal

Single air inlet to supply pumps & single spigot extraction connection for ease of set up and installation


Each tank can have the option of a rinse pipe and solvent pump fitted for gentle circulation and rinsing of the fluid.

This allows the operator working behind the safety screen to gradually remove the majority of coating, leaving a small amount of residue remaining.


The system is constructed of powder coated steel frame with solvent resistant stainless tank internal panels and tank.

Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions ( approximate) – 1985mm (High) x 660mm (Wide) x 310mm (Deep)

Tank Size Internal – 230mm (Wide) x 445mm (High) x 330mm (Deep).

Door size: 800 x 785 mm

Tank Capacity: approximate 30 litres


Clean, dry, compressed air at 80 psi

150mm extraction connection for solvent based coatings with 590 cubic feet per minute (CFM) extraction for 0.5 m/s air velocity.


WS100 Conformal Coating Stripping System PDF

Key facts about conformal coating removal

  • The Key to removing conformal coating from a circuit board is to match the conformal coating type with the stripping fluid.
  • The WS100 is designed to be used with hazardous stripping materials.
  • This allows easy removal of coating from the circuit board without danger to the operator.
Removing all of the conformal coating from a circuit board is relatively easy with a wet stripping system from SCH
Stripping all of the conformal coating from a circuit board is relatively easy with a wet stripping system from SCH

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