Conformal coating drying cabinets in India

SCH sell drying cabinets for conformal coating curing after application in IndiaThe DC100 drying cabinet is perfect for conformal coating production and the drying of wet circuit boards.

They are designed specifically for practical room temperature drying of conformal coating that has been applied to the printed circuit boards (PCBs), keeping the wet boards away from air borne contamination.

The floor standing drying cabinet is designed to be used in conjunction with conformal coating application equipment such as a spray booth and dip system.

This compactly designed system offers an enclosed extraction area for protecting newly coated PCBs from contamination during the drying process.

It also safely removing excess solvents through the attached exhaust.

Conformal Coating DC100 Drying Cabinet Brochure


Standard Features

  • Ergonomic design to allow maximum filling capacity for sprayed boards.
  • Removable and fully height adjustable enclosed mesh shelves for hanging PCBs individually or holding trays of conformal coated boards
  • Unique extraction pathway behind shelving to allow free flowing air throughout the system even when the DC100 is completely full with conformal coated PCBs
  • Designed to safely remove excess solvents evaporating from the drying conformal coating through the attached exhaust.
  • Single 150 mm diameter spigot inlet for connection to suitable extraction system (not supplied)


  • Solvent Exposure alarm fitted in situ or stand-alone
  • Extra set of 4 shelves and Brackets
  • Custom size and layout.


  • Externally Powder Coated framework to give lasting cosmetic finish.
  • Mesh shelving for airflow and hanging PCBs

Dimensions and Weight

  • External Dimensions (Approx) – 1005 mm (W) x 645mm (D) x 1845mm (H) (including hinges)
  • Internal Dimensions (Approx) – 950mm (W) x 600mm (D) x 1800mm (H) 915mm (36inch)
  • Opening between the doors when fully opened should you want to slide a board holding PCB’s straight in.
  • Shelf dimensions – 940 x 450mm (w x d )
  • Shelf Spacing 90mm between brackets – 55mm between shelves
  • 19 shelf capacity – 86.4 sq. ft total when PCB’S horizontal but because they are welded mesh they have the capacity to hang dipped boards vertically using craft paper to line the shelves and collect the drips.


Conformal Coating DC100 Drying Cabinet Brochure

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