Conformal coating equipment  in India


Range of conformal coating equipment available

SCH has a wide range of equipment and systems for conformal coating application available in India.

These machines include:

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Conformal coating application methods Why buy conformal coating equipment from SCH?

Specifically designed by our in house engineers, our coating machines have been tried and tested in our own coating services for guaranteed practicality and cost-efficiency.

We have available batch systems for low and medium users are available as well as inline SMEMA conformal coating systems for requirements of higher volume.

Whatever your requirements we can help you.

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Our conformal coating equipment

SprayingSCH sell conformal coating spray booths in IndiaConformal Coating Spray Booths

DippingSCH sell conformal coating dip machines in IndiaConformal Coating low, medium and high volume Dip Systems

InspectionSCH sell conformal coating inspection systems in IndiaConformal Coating Inspection Booths and UV inspection lamps

Rework and StrippingSCH sell conformal coating stripping and removal systems in IndiaConformal Coating Removal Systems

DryingSCH sell a range of drying cabinets in India for drying conformal coating on circuit boardsConformal Coating Drying

Process ControlSCH sell a range of thickness test systems in India for measuring conformal coating on a circuit boardConformal Coating Process Control

Five reasons to buy conformal coating equipment from SCH in India

  1. Western designed (CE Approved) systems of the highest quality
  2. Designed and customised to be practical for conformal coating production
  3. Best prices for the Indian market
  4. Stocked in India for fast delivery where possible
  5. Buy in Rupees directly from our offices in Hyderabad


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