SCH India: Our History

Front page shot reduced size even moreSCH Coating Solutions Pvt. Ltd. was formed in January 2015 as a private limited company to service the India market.

SCH Technologies have been operating in India for the last 10 years through distribution and agents and importing products from around the world into the country.

Working in cities such as Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, need buy essay Hyderabad and Chennai to name a few it was possible for SCH to provide a quality solution to Indian customers for conformal coating.

However, as with all distribution it is never perfect. Some of the issues encountered including import complexities and costs, currency requirements to purchase in Rupees and the increasing sophistication requirement of the Indian engineers to have technical support from dedicated staff.

Link this to the growth in the sales and the increase in the level of interest in our conformal coating products and it was decided in 2014 that a limited company would be the ideal solution.

Since our formation SCH India have direct technical and sales staff in all major cities in India who have experience in conformal coating and understand sales solution selling.

Who is linked with SCH India?

SCH India is majority owned by SCH Technologies in the UK.

Established since August 2000, SCH Technologies initially started life as a UK subcontract conformal coating service but quickly grew to introduce its own range of equipment. This was entirely due to the lack of market availability for the right design of batch gradesaver.comessays coating equipment suitable for its own services. This equipment has evolved with time to the point where it could be offered for sale to customers who wished to process in house.

This philosophy of providing solutions for conformal coating equipment quickly led to SCH introducing other sections including conformal coating materials and masking, Parylene coating services and systems, training and consultancy.

Still privately owned, SCH took a major step forward in 2012 with a partnership agreed with Diamond MT in North America. Diamond MT, a leading coating service in parylene and liquid coating services, had a similar philosophy to SCH. They wanted to provide conformal coating solutions to customers but found the global nature of the electronics industry was forcing them to consider increasing their reach around the world.

It was a natural step after this for SCH and Diamond MT to expand their field of operations into Asia next and SCH India is the the latest stage in providing global conformal coating solutions.

Now, globally, the SCH Group uniquely offer all coating solutions including Parylene, liquid conformal coatings, equipment, consultancy and training to customers that want to process their printed circuit boards in house rather than subcontract out.

This is truly the full conformal coating solution that customers ultimately require.