Conformal coating solutions in India

SCH provide UNIQUE conformal coating solutions directly in India.

Our customer based, technical approach to all conformal coating projects is based upon highly trained, direct staff in India.

Our experience, knowledge and quality of conformal coating and cleaning allows us to helpbuy original essays online customers in India really succeed.

We provide all the options for conformal coating and cleaning for electronics including:

As conformal coating is our core business, we ensure the customer gets exactly what they want, with no need to compromise, whatever their project requirements are in conformal coating.

Our Products

Conformal Coating Equipment available in India from SCHCoating equipment

Nano-coating system for fluoropolymer coatings Nano-coating

Vertical Parylene coating systemParylene systems

Process training

Range of Conformal Coating materials available in IndiaConformal coatings

Nano coating materialsNano-coatings

Surclean cleaning media for electronicsCleaning chemistries

SCH distribute the MG Chemicals RFI Shielding Coatings in IndiaRFI shielding

We distribute MG Chemicals Epoxy Compounds for circuits in IndiaEpoxy compounds

SCH Supply a full range of Custom Masking boots for protecting circuit boards in IndiaMasking boots

SCH sell masking tapes for conformal coatings in IndiaMasking tapes

SCH sell Masking Dots for conformal coating processing in IndiaMasking dots

SCH India – the History

SCH India is part of the SCH Technologies Group.

Established since August 2000, SCH Services Ltd initially started life as a UK subcontract conformal coating service but quickly grew to introduce its own range of equipment. This was entirely due to the lack of market availability for the right design of batch coating equipment suitable for its own services. This equipment has evolved with time to the point where it could be offered for sale to customers who wished to process in house.

This philosophy of providing solutions for conformal coating equipment quickly led to SCH introducing other sections including conformal coating materials and masking, Parylene coating services and systems, training and consultancy.

It was a natural step after this for SCH to to expand their field of operations into North America and Asia.

SCH India is the latest stage in providing global conformal coating solutions formed in 2015.

Now, globally, the SCH Group uniquely offer all coating solutions including Parylene, liquid conformal coating and RFI shielding coating services across three continents plus provide the equipment, materials, consultancy and training to customers that want to process their printed circuit boards in house rather than subcontract out. This is truly the full conformal coating solution that customers ultimately require.

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